Jan 10, 2021
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The goal is a life without creativity and development

Reading the parents’ revelations about the distance, there is confidence that there is a systematic destruction of the health of children and their transformation into neurotics, the destruction of family traditions and intra-family relationships. As a rule, the most educated, sober-minded parents with an active civic position actively oppose the distant. We offer the opinion of Tamara from Novosibirsk, who has two higher educations, an entrepreneur, a mother of three sons.

Daily routine, health, family relationships

The daily routine for distance learning (DL) has become unstable, because the child does not receive enough physical activity in order to get physically tired in the evening and go to bed on time. In the case of full-time training, there was a clear mode: at 7-00 rise, at 22-00 hang-up. And most importantly, at 22-00 the 12-year-old son himself wanted to go to bed. There is no physical activity, but the load on vision is off scale. Eyes red, rubbing them all the time, vision deteriorated from 0.7 to 0.5 in just one month. Shudders at night, nervous sleep, began to talk in a dream and rotates 360 degrees, can wake up so that his legs are at the head.

In the morning he gets up and immediately runs to the computer to see what else was thrown over the night in electronic platforms. He stopped eating normally and is spinning in one place with impatience. We used to have a quiet breakfast with our sons before they went to school and discussed something interesting. This was our time when we could sit quietly and talk together, and we liked to start the morning with family communication. With DO this does not work. I can’t wake them up and get them out of bed on time, since I don’t have to be physically at school at any particular time. And I have to go to work. Mutual dissatisfaction is growing. They began to go to bed late, explaining that, for example, they did not have time to complete the task in the I-class. We stopped washing and brushing our teeth, because we don’t have to leave the house. They stopped following the clothes. Why change a dirty jersey for a fresh one if no one can see?

For us, DO is a nightmare, horror-horror. This is always my bad mood and irritation in the family from the way I see that the family is falling apart and rolling into a swamp.

Distance learning

There is no video of lessons in Zuma. Sometimes, a couple of times a week, there were math classes. 30 minutes each. For the first 10 minutes, everyone connected and waited for those who had the Internet. Further, the schoolchildren who miss each other greet each other. For about 10 minutes the teacher explained the material, but practically no one listened to the teacher, as the children could not stop talking.

At school, children communicate during recess. Here the children were deprived of everything – communication, movement, knowledge, teachers.

All other classes were held in the form of assignments, where it was necessary to answer questions in the form of a test. Without reading the material, the child immediately tries to answer questions. After all, the test is easy! He cannot choose an answer, he types a question in a search engine, receives an answer.

Itself does not think! Doesn’t read the material!

The desire to learn from the child was gone. Since distance learning in the DL format of 99%, as in our case, is the answers to questions in the form of tests. And the child is not interested in this. Consequently, interest in studying in the DO format has completely disappeared.

Distance learning cannot be a substitute for full-time education under any circumstances, unless there is a personal desire to study remotely. The child has no desire to study remotely, he wants to study in person, communicate with classmates, discuss interesting educational issues, participate in school life, personally communicate with the teacher.

Purpose of DSP and DO

The goal is to provide the state with a workforce to service smart modern machines. The less developed a person is, the easier it is to control him. He needs only bread and circuses. And also, before the onset of education, the retirement age was raised economically unreasonably. A person must work up to retirement and die as soon as possible so that the state does not spend much on the payment of pensions – this is a lyrical digression.

Whoever has read Yevgeny Zamyatin’s dystopian novel “We” will understand where DO and DSP are leading. The novel was written in the 60s of the twentieth century. The short meaning is this: people without names, under numbers, live in dwellings with transparent walls for total control, the children born are given immediately to the state for education. There are no families, they live alone. Take coupons for mating (sex). They walk in formation to work, from work. Clearly and strictly follow all rules and restrictions. People are slaves. They can’t do anything. They live only by the rules that cut off any creativity and development.

Another goal is to reduce government spending on education. With total DO, a teacher is not needed, from the word “absolutely”. The robot will score the test depending on the number of correct answers. Welcome to the brave new world!

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