Nov 5, 2021
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The girl’s low literacy made an innocent note indecent

misspelled note from daughterThis mother of the family almost looked on her forehead when she received a note from her five-year-old daughter.

misspelled note from daughter

The girl is just learning the intricacies of her native English, and therefore her literacy leaves much to be desired. The meaning of the message boiled down to the following – the daughter asked her mother how old she was when she learned to ride a bicycle. Alas, instead of the word “bike” (bicycle), the young literate drew the word “dicke”, which means the male genital organ. Because of this, the question to my mother turned out to be not at all innocent, but very, very ambiguous.

misspelled note from daughter

Fortunately, the woman was able to discern the comic nature of the situation and shared the message of her child on the Internet, having photographed the note. Not surprisingly, users also laughed, while others bumped into memories of how bad handwriting and illiteracy of their own children also played evil and indecent jokes.

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