Sep 18, 2022
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The girl is very fond of a creepy doll that scares other children

girl loves creepy dollBriar Bird’s favorite toy can scare and make children twice as old as a three-year-old girl burst into tears.

girl loves creepy doll

Last Halloween, a young resident of Florida (USA) was shopping with her parents for props for the holiday and saw a doll in the store, which she instantly fell in love with. A demonic toy with glowing red eyes and a giggle and an ominous laugh, Briard liked so much that she persuaded her mother and father to buy her such a gift. Since then, the doll has become a constant companion of the girl, having received the name Chloe. Briard’s mom, Brittany, added that everyone else in the family calls the doll Creepy Chloe – for obvious reasons. The funny thing is that Briard treats the toy like with the most ordinary doll – he takes her on all walks, puts her to bed with him, dresses up in dresses and carries her in a stroller.

girl loves creepy doll

Brittany said that every walk with her daughter and Creepy Chloe is a whole epic. Seeing the doll, other children begin to get scared and sometimes even sob, and adults cast sidelong glances at the family. A woman would be happy to explain the reason for her daughter’s love for a terrible toy, but alas, she has no explanation. Brittany has no idea why Chloe likes Briard so much.

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