Aug 24, 2022
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The girl injected herself with the blood of an HIV-infected boyfriend to prove her love to him

girl injected boyfriend's bloodThis 15-year-old resident of Suval Kuchchi (Assam, India) is so in love with her boyfriend that she was ready to run with him to the ends of the world.

girl injected boyfriend's blood

Young people really ran away from home a couple of times, but were caught by their parents. Then the young lady, whose name is not called, decided to prove to her beloved the strength of her feelings in a very extreme way. Knowing full well that her boyfriend was HIV-positive, the girl took his blood into a syringe and injected herself.

girl injected boyfriend's blood

The girl’s parents filed a complaint against the guy, and he was detained by the police. It is not clear whether he knew about the intentions of his beloved, but it would be somehow strange to assume that a determined young lady got a syringe with blood without the knowledge of her beloved. As for the girl herself, she is currently under the supervision of doctors, and it is still unknown what consequences the proof of love will turn into.

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