Jan 11, 2021
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The ghost settled in the hospital and followed the patient

the ghost was watching the patientMany people hate hospitals, but this resident of Brisbane (Australia) has every reason not only to dislike a medical institution, but also to be afraid of it.

the ghost was watching the patient

The patient always thought that someone was watching her – and it seems that this is not paranoia at all. Having photographed the ceiling and ventilation hole in her room, the lady made sure that someone was behind the bars. The scary pictures caught the eye of the members of the Australian paranormal research group, and they said that the sight was more than creepy – it seems that you can see the fingers of the one who spied on the woman in the room.

the ghost was watching the patient

Fans of horror stories and people who believe in otherworldly phenomena, vying with each other, insist that the heroine of this story met a real ghost. In principle, this is not surprising. So many people are dying in hospitals that buildings by definition must be filled with spirits. However, one cannot discount the fact that there could be some kind of animal in the ventilation – for example, a possum.

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