Sep 17, 2022
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The Germans stock up on electrical appliances and steal firewood

Winter creeps up unnoticed, panic grows in Europe

German gas storage facilities are almost 90% full thanks to new international contracts. This, of course, is a success, but there is still no confidence in the future. City officials and politicians are afraid of blackouts, that is, power outages. Can the energy crisis really go that far? writes the Czech news portal

Despite initial plans, German Economics Minister Robert Habeck of the Green Party has decided not to shut down two of Germany’s remaining three nuclear power plants by the end of the year. They will not work, but will remain in standby mode.

“Prepare for constant power outages in winter” – recently said the chairman of the Bavarian branch of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, Markus Söder. He is known to be provocative, but the anxiety in the run-up to winter is obvious to everyone.

“If at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Germans were massively buying up long-life products and toilet paper, now, due to the energy crisis, in the event of a gas shutdown, the demand for electric heaters has increased many times over, of which more than half a million have been sold in recent months”– explains the author of the article, Jana Šafaříková.

Possible frequent power outages frighten city and regional authorities.

“If these 650,000 electric heaters bought by people this year are connected to the power grid at the same time, then there will be a collapse.”– said the chairman of the German Association of Towns and Villages Gerd Landsberg.

Some municipalities already have a crisis plan, mobile apps, and a fire preparedness plan.

Power cuts in the government are considered unlikely, but theoretically possible, therefore, citizens are advised to keep at home a basic set of products and essentials.

Energy experts are of the same opinion.

Short-term outages are possible, they say, but really serious outages are not.

“This could happen at any moment, and next winter blackouts are perhaps as likely as they are now,” believes Christian Rechtanz, an expert in the field of energy management.

The task of providing the country with reliable supplies of gas and electricity in the coming winter is entrusted to Economy Minister Robert Habek.

The Germans, judging by the number of purchased heaters, electric stoves and candles, are not enthusiastic about the prospect of being left without light and heat. In this regard, the number of cases of theft of firewood from the forest has increased. The situation became especially aggravated after the suspension of gas supplies to Europe.

The Germans are closely monitoring the filling of underground natural gas storage facilities. There are 47 of them in Germany, and thanks to new deliveries, including from Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, the storage facilities are already 87% full.

“This is quite a lot, but even if they are 100% full, these storage facilities can only meet a quarter of the average annual consumption in Germany.

Therefore, it remains to be hoped that the winter will be mild, and people will save massively and voluntarily,” – sums up the publication.

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