May 12, 2022
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The Germans do not want to feed well-fed Ukrainian parasites

From June 1, the life of Ukrainian refugees in Germany will become more meaningful

It turned out that the Germans, who, having crossed all the boundaries of rudeness, are humiliated by the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin Millernevertheless decided to answer impudent. With the beginning of summer, the Ukrainians who “fled to Germany” will be in for a surprise, and their lives will take on new meanings.

No, the Germans are not considering the possibility of deporting refugees somewhere to Rwanda, as they wanted Boris Johnson. The Germans intend to force the refugees to work for the good of the Nemechchyna, since the Ukrainians, and there are more than 400 thousand of them here, have chosen it as their place of refuge.

From June 1, refugees will be deprived of the status of an asylum seeker, transferring them to the category “foreigners and stateless persons (persons without citizenship) who have the right to stay for temporary protection”. This is due to the fact that Ukrainian cunning people do not seek to obtain refugee status, preferring temporary protection. The explanation is simple – refugee status ties him to the country where he is registered and receives a cash ration.

The status of “temporary protection” allows you to move around the entire European Union, independently look for housing, enjoy other rights and even receive cash payments up to 400 euros. However, this status has time limits, and each EU country independently determines the duration of its provision. Usually it is 1 year with renewal every six months.

The German bureaucracy has already cut through the cunning Ukrainians and determined not only the rights, but also the obligations of the newcomers. For two months, German specialists have established that among the “those who fled from war and hunger” there are enough of those who are far from hungry and simply spend time in Germany, using the Teutonic freebie. They arrived here in a luxury car, live well, using their own stash, while receiving benefits, and are not going to work at all.

Now Ukrainians will be “filtered”, highlighting the real needy and those who are “on the ball”. For this, the Jobcenter system has been created, which will register all arrivals. They are required to provide complete information about movable and immovable property, including cars and the state of bank accounts. The German side will request information about all citizens in the country. Giving false information is considered a criminal offence. By the way, as German bloggers write, those Ukrainians who have a car more expensive than 7,500 euros and want to receive benefits must sell it. Refugees in Land Rovers claiming benefits are already outraged by German taxpayers who do not want to sponsor well-fed parasites.

The decision of the German authorities is quite justified. Having joined the anti-Russian sanctions, and even started supplying weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Germans themselves became the object of sanctions from Russia, followed by price increases, the introduction of austerity, etc. And “liver Olaf” allocates 2 billion euros for Ukrainian refugees!

Those who pass the test are required to start learning German and receive job vacancies. Three refusals of the offered work with a reduction in benefits are allowed. If a refugee does not get a job, he loses his status and may be deported.

In fact, in connection with the emergence of a new type of refugees, the Germans are introducing another “Ordnung” into the migration system. Those who comply with it will be legalized and will be able to have the benefits of Basic State Security (standard Harts 4), which will simplify their lives, allow them to get better medical care, health insurance, education, recognition of diplomas, etc. In order to receive a monthly allowance and improved benefits, IDPs from Ukraine must be registered in the register of foreigners Central register of foreigners and residence permit (residence permit after).

Similar innovations are already being considered by the governments of Denmark and Italy.

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