Jan 15, 2022
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The front line is again approaching Rostov: Russia is preparing to defend the Sea of ​​Azov from NATO

The front line is again approaching Rostov: Russia is preparing to defend the Sea of ​​Azov from NATO

Photo: Alla Dmitrieva/TASS

The appearance of foreign military bases on the Sea of ​​Azov is unacceptable for Russia. This was announced on January 14 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov at a press conference on the results of 2021.

“Even if Ukraine remains outside NATO, bilateral agreements with the Americans, the British, and other Western countries are possible there, which create military facilities there, bases on the Sea of ​​Azov,” Lavrov said.

During the January talks between Russia and the United States and NATO, Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Andrey Tarasov in an interview with the American channel Sky News, he said that the forces of the Russian Navy and the coast guard are implementing “increasingly hostile actions” in the Sea of ​​​​Azov.

According to him, Russian sailors are resorting to the blockade of maritime navigation in the water area, explaining their maneuvers by ongoing exercises, using special jamming devices that disrupt communications and navigation on Ukrainian ships. And he concludes: Moscow is preparing an invasion.

In November, it was reported about the relocation to the Azov port of Berdyansk of military units, boats and support vessels for the Ukrainian Navy from Odessa, Nikolaev and Ochakov. In particular, it was about the rescue vessel “Donbass”. A month later, this ship tried to repeat the provocation near the Kerch bridge.

Also, small armored artillery boats “Lubny”, “Kremenchug”, “Vyshgorod” and “Akkerman”, the sea tug “Korets” were redeployed. In addition, the Ukrainian Navy has American patrol boats such as Island Slavyansk and Starobilsk.

“Mosquito fleet” is unlikely to help Ukraine reverse the balance of power in the Azov waters. However, the appearance of foreign military bases there will roll back the geopolitical situation to the time of Peter the Great, when Moscow was just making its way to the Black Sea. Isn’t that a shame?

Noting the obvious guilt of the Bandera authorities in Kiev, one should not forget about the responsibility of the Kremlin, which for 30 years ignored the attack on Russia by “respected partners” from NATO. Now you have to loosen up.

The situation was analyzed military expert, captain III retired Dmitry Litovkin.

– The Sea of ​​​​Azov is actually an inland sea for Russia. The Kerch bridge blocks the passage to its water area. The sea is shallow and difficult to navigate. Therefore, there will be no serious ships there. But Kiev is going to drag boats there, at least dragging them. Including American ones. And he can get cruise missiles for them. At the same time, they also have their own Neptune missiles, which can be put on ships. This is very annoying.

God forbid, Ukraine joins NATO – this is a problem. And then a NATO enclave will appear inside our territory. Military bases that may appear on the Ukrainian coast of the Sea of ​​Azov are the rear for Crimea. If now Crimea, like a fortress, looks towards the Bosporus and Romania – the main regional players from where a war can start, now we will also have to look towards Ukraine.

“SP”: – How can you stop this danger?

“At the political level, we identify the problem. But, as you can see, on the other side of the Atlantic, they don’t give a damn. They do what they want.

But militarily, the problem is solvable. Let’s aim our Iskanders at them. In addition, MiG-31 fighter-interceptors with Kinzhal supersonic systems are located in the Southern Military District. They put them there in the expectation that we would bully the Ukrainian side. But now, if these bases appear, we will keep them in sight.

We do not have a full-fledged military base on the Sea of ​​Azov. The nearest base is in Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. During the last exercises, to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet, we transferred small artillery ships from the Caspian along the Volga-Don Canal. We will definitely have to create a power fist in the Sea of ​​Azov, as I said Putin.

At the same time, it must be understood that the maximum firing range of the Russian coastal missile systems “Bal” is 250-300 kilometers. This means that if we shoot at enemy ships in the Sea of ​​Azov from the Crimea, then the missile may well reach the Krasnodar Territory. And vice versa – you can get to the Crimea.

“SP”: – The main concern is the Kerch bridge. After all, to block the movement along it, you don’t even need to destroy it, just a threat is enough …

– The strategic bridge to the peninsula is guarded by the appropriate forces. Everything possible is being done to ensure that there are no incidents there. The bridge will operate normally in any case. These guys on the other side are well aware that any military clash with Russia will lead to the Third World War.

“SP”: – The story with the bases in the Sea of ​​​​Azov is part of the problem of strategic military balance, with the achievement of which, judging by the results of recent negotiations, everything is bad …

– I draw your attention to the fact that during the conversations between Putin and Biden The President of the United States has said many times that nuclear war is unacceptable. Last year, five countries, including the United States, Russia and China, signed a document on the inadmissibility of nuclear war. At the same time, NATO members are ready to negotiate on specific weapons systems. For example, the Americans are very worried about our Iskanders.

“SP”: – Maybe the bases on the Sea of ​​Azov, as well as in Latin America (Sullivan) – this is what they talked about on the sidelines of the negotiations?

– May be. The West has many opportunities. For example, the United States can send its weapons to Ukraine on a bilateral basis. Formally, this is not NATO. Brussels in such cases constantly nods to Washington – they say that it is not the bloc that is expanding its presence, but the Americans.

“SP”: – It was necessary to take Mariupol and the entire coast in 2015. Now there would be no threat of foreign bases…

– Couldn’t do it. Crimea voted for joining Russia on its own initiative. Neither Berdyansk nor Mariupol made such a decision. It was impossible to force them.

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