Jan 2, 2022
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The frog secretly settled in a potted plant

a frog in a potted plantAshtin Reimer was transplanting pot plants with her friend Emily Hunt when she noticed something strange among the green leaves.

a frog in a potted plant

At first, a resident of Alberta (Canada) decided that someone had planted a figurine in the form of a frog in her flower for a joke, but she quickly became convinced that the amphibian was quite real. Here Eshtin became completely scared, because she considered that the poor frog had died in a pot. Trying to pull out the corpse with spoons, the landlord experienced a lot of unpleasant emotions, and in vain. The frog turned out to be alive and began to move, that is, she had secretly shared living space with the woman for a long time.

a frog in a potted plant

It is not known how the fate of the secret invader of foreign territory will develop further, but I want to believe that Eshtin will not leave the frog in trouble.

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