Sep 15, 2020
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The friend of the deceased Valentina Legkostupova worries about the health of her 29-year-old daughter

16:18, 15.09.2020

Anette Brill suffers after the death of her mother.

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Valentina Legkostupova died on August 14, 2020. The star is known to have slipped in the bathtub and hit its head. The artist did not dare to immediately contact the doctors, which was a fatal mistake. After Legkostupova was nevertheless taken to the hospital, the doctors performed an operation, but all efforts were in vain.

After the death of Valentina Legkostupova, a real drama broke out between her relatives. The eldest daughter of the deceased, Anette Bril, who was born in the singer's first marriage in 1991, was considered guilty of the death of the mother of her new husband, Yuri Firsov. The singer had known him for less than a year before the wedding, and they were married for only three months. Anette Bril was never able to improve relations with her mother's chosen one.

The friends of the deceased Valentina Legkostupova are now worried about the health of 29-year-old Anetta. According to friends, the daughter of the artist is going through what happened and is trying to curb all the emotions. “Annette is a very gentle, kind and sincere person. She deeply experiences the loss of her mother. In fact, she did not even suspect that meeting and acquaintance with Firsov would become the most terrible event in her life and would be fatal for her mother. Now I see a threat to her health. Today, Vali's daughter has completely suppressed feelings and emotions. She does not even hide this herself, ”said Legkostupova's friend, psychologist Elena Perelygina, in a conversation with journalists.

Daughter of Valentina Easy-to-Go - Anette Brill

Elena Perelygina recalls that Anetta Bril condemned the behavior of Yuri Firsov, who did not hesitate to demonstrate emotions at his wife's coffin at the funeral. Annette herself hides her feelings and chose to close herself off from the whole world. A friend of Valentina Legkostupova also added that the singer's daughter feels guilty for the tragedy that has happened and is trying to justify herself to others for not being with her mother for a long time.

“This feeling of guilt gnaws and eats up her from the inside. Only when this tragedy happened, Anetta realized how much this man - the new husband of Valentina Legkostupova - alienated her mother from her. Firsov, as I said, is an absolutely inadequate and very dangerous person. It is hard for Anette that she was unable to adequately assess the situation and be close to her mother, ” - adds "Interlocutor" from the words of Elena Parygina.

Yuri Firsov and Valentina Legkostupova

Recall that Anetta Bril and Yuri Firsov also repeatedly argued over the ashes of the deceased Valentina Legkostupova. The artist's husband claimed that she wanted her remains to be scattered over Tenerife. The singer's daughter does not want to fulfill her last wish - he simply does not give Firsov an urn with ashes, believing that the yachtsman is lying about his mother's words.

A psychiatrist took the side of Yuri Firsov, who assessed his behavior in a television studio. The specialist determined that Legkostupova's husband really speaks the truth about the last wish of his beloved woman and does not feel guilty for her death, which indicates that he was not involved in the death of Valentina Legkostupova.

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