Jan 28, 2021
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“The fourth revolution will destroy Russia – and our authorities are to blame for this”

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

Why protests in support Alexey Navalnythat took place throughout the country – the merit of the rule of Vladimir Putin, and not the opposition or the US State Department? How does the government conduct a policy of repression? How quickly is aggression growing in society and how does the government itself push the country towards a revolution that will be the last? Colonel, former People’s Deputy of the USSR, talks about this and not only Victor Alksnis

About protests all over Russia

– No matter how the authorities try to declare that the protests are a provocation of the Western special services, and that they were organized by the enemies of Russia, in reality this is evidence of a serious internal political crisis. For the first time in the history of the post-Soviet period, rallies and demonstrations – perhaps not the most massive ones – were held in dozens of settlements across the country.

If earlier the authorities could believe that by controlling the situation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, they would maintain the status quo, now, when protests have spread throughout Russia, this has become a serious headache for them.

People are well aware that they put forward fair demands and, in accordance with the Constitution, they have every right to gather peacefully and without weapons and express their attitude to certain problems, but the government forbids them. Vladimir Putin calls the actions illegal, but it is impossible to agree on such speeches, which means that rallies in Russia are prohibited. Naturally, this causes misunderstanding among people.

Lack of feedback

– If it is impossible to gather peacefully, the elections are falsified and it is impossible to achieve a change in the state of affairs. People have no leverage to influence power. It turns out that there is only one way out – to go to the barricades. Those issues that are not resolved in the parliamentary hall or by voting are resolved on the barricades. In fact, the authorities themselves are preparing the fourth revolution for Russia. Both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union perished in many respects due to the fact that the political elites “got drunk” and did not react to the situation in the country. This led to the collapse. The political elites are primarily to blame for this.

On the growth of aggression in society and in power

– The events that we saw over the weekend indicate that aggressiveness is beginning to grow – both on the one hand and on the other. Both the authorities and the population are getting used to the idea that violence is indispensable. And this is a revolution and a civil war. The authorities are to blame for this.

About political vacuum and political terror

– In Russia, a political clearing was being cleared and a political vacuum was created. Opposition political leaders were denied the opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in politics. The authorities, feeling their impunity, begin to clean up the political space using the methods of political terror. I’m not a big believer Nikolay Platoshkin, but what is happening to him is a disgrace. Although I do not support Navalny as a politician, I am convinced that in the situation with Navalny, the authorities tried to poison him. And I support him as a person who has become a victim of state repression. The people who organized this act of repression must be punished. Like the previous acts – Rokhlin was killed, Ilyukhin – killed, Cleaver – killed. Isn’t this a policy of repression?

About the fourth revolution

– Russia is slowly but surely creeping into the fourth revolution, and there are specific names of those to blame – this is the current leadership of Russia. The government is counting on the security forces and other methods to keep the situation under control – for example, using weapons. Let me remind you that the leadership of the CPSU also believed – what will these democrats do there when we have the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the army? We’ll rip them off, and everything will be fine. As a result, whoever had their heads torn off – all members of the Politburo ended up in a political dustbin, and many ended up in poverty.

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