Jan 22, 2022
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The Foreign Ministry responded to the State Department on statements about the “disinformation” of the Russian Federation on Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry on its official website responded to the publication by the US State Department of the bulletin “Facts and Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine.”

On January 20, the State Department published examples of “disinformation” attributed to the Russian Federation regarding Ukraine. The document specifically states that Russia allegedly invaded the territory of a neighboring country in 2014, “occupied” Crimea, and is now trying to “deceive the world into believing that Ukraine’s behavior can provoke a global conflict.”

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the blame for the destabilization of the situation in the neighboring state lies entirely with the United States and other NATO countries, which supported the coup in 2014.

“The inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass, fearing for their own safety, did not want to live under the control of the followers of Bandera and Shukhevych. As a result, Crimea returned to Russia, Donetsk and Lugansk regions declared independence, and Kiev unleashed a civil war against Donbass that continues to this day,” the Russian ministry said in a statement.

Also, the Foreign Ministry previously emphasized that the United States and NATO, instead of responding to the proposed security guarantees, launched a “toxic” campaign against the Russian Federation. Reports portray Russia as an “aggressor”, an “enemy of civilized Europe” and a “threat to international stability”.

Recall that recently the United States and a number of European countries have repeatedly accused the Russian Federation of allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine. In Moscow, they answer that the Russian Federation does not threaten anyone and is not going to attack anyone.

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