Apr 20, 2021
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The Foreign Ministry reminded the Czech Republic of the “considerable real estate” in the Russian capital

In response to the demand from the Czech Republic to return the plot that belongs to the Russian Embassy, ​​the Russian Federation was reminded that the plots of the Russian diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic were received by the USSR in the early 1970s in accordance with the Soviet-Czechoslovak agreements. This is reported by TASS.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that there is a mechanism of expert consultations to resolve such issues in the real estate sector.

The diplomatic service also noted that the Czech Republic owns “considerable real estate in the area of ​​Tverskaya Street” in Moscow.

Earlier in Prague, they demanded that the Russian Foreign Ministry return to city use half a hectare of Stromovka Park, where the Russian diplomatic mission is now located.

The day before, the Kremlin rejected accusations of the Czech Republic of Russia’s involvement in the explosion in Vrbetica. We will remind, Babish announced suspicions of the involvement of the Russian special services in this incident. This was followed by the expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats from the republic. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared 20 employees of the Czech Embassy in Moscow persona non grata and expelled them.

Czech Prosecutor General Pavel Zeman said that the same people who are suspected of poisoning the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal are behind the attack on the warehouse in Vrbetica.

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