Apr 26, 2021
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The first teaser of the new season of “Dexter” has been published on the network

News that Dexter will receive sequels appeared last fall. Now the network has published a teaser for the new season.

The first teaser of the new season of

A short teaser appeared on the official Twitter page of the Dexter series the day before.

The video begins with an image of an ax, against which a fire is burning. Then the voice of the main character, played by Michael C. Hall, announces that there is nothing more important than returning to your own nature.

The series “Dexter” has been on the screens since 2006, the final season ended about eight years ago. Respirators will be able to see the newly minted episodes of the ninth season of the ten episodes this fall.

In the story, Dexter, an expert on blood spatter in the police, is ruthlessly cracking down on serial killers. Dexter was taught in his youth to rid society of maniacs by his own father.

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