Apr 5, 2021
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The first photos and videos from the discharge from the maternity hospital of the star “House-2” Anna Levchenko appeared

00:32, 04/06/2021

The ex-participant of the TV show with her newborn son was met by her husband Valery Blumenkrants.

On Monday, April 5, 26-year-old Anna Levchenko returned home with her newborn son David in her arms – the former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” was discharged from the hospital in St. Petersburg. Recall that on April 1, her first child was born, which she and her husband Valery Blumenkrants immediately reported in their microblogs on Instagram. The contractions lasted 22 hours, and all this time Valery was next to his beloved woman. On the day of his discharge, he bought a large bouquet of red roses. The ex-participants of the TV show took little David home, where they prepared a nursery for him in advance, decorating it with balloons.

A birthday cake was made in blue and white, thanks to which fans of the Blumenkrantz family on Instagram found out the time of birth, height and weight of the son of celebrities. The pastry chef decorated the dessert with appropriate inscriptions. So, David Blumenkrantz was born on April 1 at 21:10. The baby is 55 centimeters tall and weighs 4 kilograms and 110 grams. The numbers that Anna and Valery will remember for the rest of their lives, they captured on the social network. The couple thanked the doctors and nurses of the maternity hospital where the partner gave birth.

Valery Blumenkrantz

Anna’s mother also came to see her grandson. She helped her daughter prepare everything needed for the child at home and set the festive table. “Our mother-in-law works in the kitchen. I say: “Mother-in-law, stop! You don’t need a lot of food, ”Valery commented on the preparations for the family feast. He and Anna decided not to invite many guests on the occasion of discharge, because mom and newborn now need a calm atmosphere.

David Blumenkrantz

Recall that for Valery, the son became the second child: Blumenkrantz has another daughter Beatrice from a previous marriage with another member of “House-2” Tata Abramson. The marriage of Tata and Valery lasted two years, during which they often quarreled in front of the viewers of the TNT channel. A year after the divorce from Abramson Blumenkrantz was kicked out of “House-2” after he had a fight with another participant in reality, Evgeny Romashov

And the affair with Anna Levchenko began with Valery after returning to the television set. The relationship of the lovers developed rapidly: almost four months after the beginning of the novel, Blumenkrantz proposed to the girl to marry. As a result, they played the wedding in the summer of 2020 in Moscow, inviting relatives and friends to the celebration, among whom were many participants of “House-2”. One of the participants in the TV show, Milena Bezborodovacaught the bridal bouquet. Some time after the wedding, Anna and Valery left the television project that made them famous. However, they did not lose contact with him and from time to time they became guests of the show “Borodin against Buzova”.

Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz with their son

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