Feb 19, 2021
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The first photo of the youngest grandson of Alexander Malinin appeared

11:33, 02/19/2021

Leo was born on February 12, 2021.

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Last week, 62-year-old Alexander Malinin announced a joyful event. The singer became a grandfather. Malinin then announced the addition in his microblog on Instagram. Only a week has passed since the birth of the grandson, and the artist’s family has already pleased the boy with the first picture.

The frame was shared by the wife of Alexander Emma Malinina… “Hugging and kissing is the most important thing. And now I am a grandmother with many children, “wrote the artist’s wife in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. – Prim. row.). By the way, the baby was named Leo… “We have a wonderful boy Leo. Third grandson. The baby was born weighing 4200 grams, 53 centimeters. Anton and Angelina gave us such a gift. We are happy!” – said Emma Malinina on the boy’s birthday.

It is known that the baby appeared in the family of Emma Malinina’s eldest son from a previous relationship. Malinin brought up Anton and gave him his last name. Earlier, the artist’s son had a son and a daughter.

The first photo of the youngest grandson of Alexander Malinin appeared

It is worth noting that Malinin has a large family. The artist was married three times. His first wife was a violinist named Innafrom the “Singing Guitars” ensemble, which gave the artist a son, Nikita. Growing up, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a singer. Malinin Jr. in 2003 became the winner of the TV project “Star Factory-3”.

Malinin’s second child was born from the performer Olga Zarubina. The artists were married, but their common daughter was born out of wedlock, which lasted only two years. Pregnant Olga after parting left for the USA, where she was born Kira… The girl was immediately adopted by the singer’s new husband, and for a long time she did not communicate with her own father.

With his third wife Emma, who later became his producer, Alexander was in no hurry to have children. Only after ten years of marriage, in 2000, the couple finally had twins Frol and Ustinya. Now they are 20 years old. Ustinya is engaged in music, and Frol is fond of drawing.

Alexander Malinin with his wife Emma

We add that Malinin does not keep in touch with all of his children. So, he does not communicate with his daughter Kira from Olga Zarubina. She knows her father only from her mother’s stories. The famous singer did not take part in her upbringing and saw her only twice. The fact that the father of her daughter Kira is Alexander Malinin, Olga Zarubina publicly announced about ten years ago. The first meeting of the ex-spouses in many years took place as part of the show “Let them talk.” Then the singer reacted extremely irritably to the revelations of his ex-wife.

Malinin was sure that his alleged daughter was born of another man and grew up as an abandoned child. Then Olga offered Alexander to take a DNA test, but the artist refused. However, at the end of the issue, Malinin verbally recognized Kira as his daughter, but subsequently refused to communicate with her. It is known that the ex-wife of Alexander Malinin, Olga Zarubina, has already sued her ex-husband, trying to prove kinship and accusing him of not paying alimony for Kira.

Kira and Olga Zarubina

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