Feb 16, 2021
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The first photo of the son of Artem Mikhalkov appeared

11:08, 16.02.2021

Tatyana Mikhalkova shared a rare family photo in her microblog on Instagram.

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On February 14, Tatyana Mikhalkova turned 74 years old. Last weekend, Nikita Mikhalkov’s wife gathered her whole family at the table, and today she published footage from the birthday celebration. Tatyana Evgenievna’s eldest daughter Anna came to congratulate her mother, who on Sunday dedicated a separate publication to the birthday girl. She showed an archive photo of the ex-model and noted that she is the standard of beauty for her. However, with all the external data, according to her daughter, Tatyana Mikhalkova is distinguished by an incredible talent for love, and thanks to her love, both dad and children, and even grandchildren often get together.

Photos and videos from the celebration of the 74th anniversary of Tatyana Mikhalkova appeared

Anna Mikhalkova was accompanied by her children from Albert Bakova, 19 year old Andrei, one year younger than him Sergey and Lydia, which turns eight this year. The 34-year-old daughter of the Mikhalkov couple, Nadezhda, brought children from Rezo Gigineishvili – nine Nina and seven year old Ivana… Also at the family event was Nikita Sergeevich’s 45-year-old son Artem, who came accompanied by his 18-year-old daughter from his first marriage. Natalia, your wife Daria Bazhenova and the youngest son Alexandra

It is noteworthy that up to this point, the face of Alexander Mikhalkov had not yet appeared in public photographs. By the way, they learned about the appearance of another representative of the film dynasty only in August last year. Artem then came to the shooting of the program “The Fate of a Man” and admitted that he had been the father of his son for three months. He also said that the child’s mother, about whom so far only the fact that the couple met in a cafe is known, became a talisman for him.

“She is my wife. She is my talisman. She bore me a son. They named him Alexander. Alexander Artemovich was born. He is still quite small. Alexander will be three months old, “Artem admitted to Boris Korchevnikov. The actor added that he did not like to share the details of family life, but he liked the program so much that he could not help but share the news about the birth of his son. Mikhalkov added that his daughter Natalya was glad to see her brother. “She takes him in her arms, and he immediately calms down. From the outside it looks very touching, ”said Artem Mikhalkov.

Artem Mikhalkov with ex-wife Daria and their daughter Natalia

We add that with his previous chosen one, too DariaMikhalkov divorced in 2013. According to rumors, the couple did not manage to part peacefully, Artem even complained that he almost did not see his daughter. Note that the son of Nikita Sergeevich met his first wife during his studies at the institute. True, at first the acquaintance with the future wife of the filmmaker’s son did not work, for some time they lost touch. Having met again, Artem and Dasha began a relationship, soon legalizing them. And in 2002, the couple had a daughter.

We also add that for several years Nadezhda Mikhalkova did not show the faces of her children. The actress published pictures of her daughter and son, who were born in a marriage with Gigineishvili, on her Instagram microblog from the back. And only last year, both the artist and her ex-chosen one stopped hiding the appearance of Nina and Ivan, and their star dad even shot several videos, saying that the children took part in the filming of one of his projects.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova with her children and niece Lydia

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