Sep 16, 2022
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The first on the moon will be a Chinese

The reasons that lead to a change in world leadership in the near future are quite obvious today. The fact that this process is not going in favor of the Euro-Atlanticists is evidenced by their growing aggressiveness. Barely had time to slam the door on 10 Downing Street for Liz Truss (Liz Truss), the new British Prime Minister, as she announced that she intends to consider China a “threat” and not just a “systemic competitor” in the economy.

The Prime Minister was supported by the United Kingdom Department of Defense, in the latest review of which China became “the biggest state threat to the country’s economic security”.

The fact that China can send Britain to “sail on boiling waters” does not seem to be thought in London. But they think in Sydney. They didn’t forget how two years ago Beijing stopped buying coal, copper, lumber, barley, sugar, wine and even lobster from Australia after Canberra blocked the company. Huawei to the installation of 5G networks “for reasons of national security” and the Australian government’s call for an international investigation into the occurrence of COVID-19, pointing to the Chinese source of the “pandemic”. The payoff was $104 billion in unclaimed Australian exports to China. As noted bloomberg“China seems determined to punish Australia and make this case an example for other countries.”

The situation in London looks similar, and Downing Street is doing everything to aggravate it, intending to dismantle all the equipment Huawei out of 5G networks by 2027, denying the Chinese electronic design software throbbingblocking the purchase of Britain’s largest semiconductor plant Newport Wafer Factory subsidiary of a Chinese company Wingtek.

In war as in war. According to the single Euro-Atlantic list, China is accused of “oppressing” the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, “crushing democracy” in Hong Kong, “debt traps” throughout the Belt and Road, “aggressive and large-scale escalation” against Taiwan…

However, the Celestial Empire has already shown on the examples of Australia and Lithuania that, if desired, it can hurt to answer. In the sanctions war, both the old hegemon and the new one coming to replace him are armed about the same.

At the same time, the unexpected, but the biggest threat to the “rules of conduct” in the American way, it turns out, is … the space programs of the Middle Kingdom, as discovered by the Pentagon. Washington edition Defense One warned that China could overtake the US in space even “without much effort”. This follows from the latest report of the Pentagon, published last week. According to the document, the United States “will not be able to bypass China in orbit unless they unite around a common space goal, as they did during the race to the moon half a century ago.”

According to the Fiscal Year 2022 State of the US Space Industrial Base Report, China is poised to become the dominant space power by 2045. And now the upward trajectory of the Chinese space industry is steeper than in the United States, “with a significantly faster overtaking rate.” In short, the US is already lagging behind at the forefront of technological progress. Moreover, they are lagging behind for more than a year, as China’s ability to counteract US space operations is rapidly growing. Back in 2007, the Chinese blew up one of their satellites in orbit as part of an anti-satellite test, proving, the Americans believe, their ability to rendezvous with and destroy other objects in orbit.

We can add to this that China became the first country to land on the far side of the Moon in 2019, and two years later it was the first to successfully carry out an orbital, landing and rover program on Mars. Now Beijing is gearing up to conduct short lunar missions for eight years and send large pieces of equipment to the moon in the 2030s, is building a space station in low Earth orbit and could be the only country to have an orbital outpost when the ISS goes live in 2031. out of operation.

The US military discovered the reason for the loss of its leadership in space is that, it turns out, a change in government priorities after each presidential election leads to the fact that the country’s goals in space change every two to four years. So since the end of the Space Shuttle program in the early 2000s, the US has tossed between efforts to get astronauts back to the moon, landing humans on a near-Earth asteroid, and resuming lunar missions with an eye to Mars.

We will not argue, but the unity of the nation and the lack of intellectual and material means in order to “rule the world” with the Fed’s printing press constantly working are opposite things. It is precisely because Beijing has rallied the nation and does not make political demands on its partners that it is ahead of the United States in economic growth, in 5G, in commercial drones, in offensive hypersonic weapons, in the production of lithium batteries. In any case, he thinks so Protection One.

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