Oct 28, 2021
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The first dance did not end the way the bride and groom wanted

the first dance of the bride and groomMarie Blanchard admits that this is not how she imagined her first dance with her husband David Bradley.

the first dance of the bride and groom

True, now a resident of New York (USA) has already been able to look at what happened with humor. During the wedding ceremony, demonstrating her choreographic talents, the bride tried to take the final pose, leaning back beautifully, but David not only did not restrain the woman, but also fell down next to her.

the first dance of the bride and groom

With a laugh, Marie blames her too high heels and too heavy a wedding dress, as well as the fact that the groom did not quite understand the dance idea correctly. Be that as it may, but the newlyweds are happy. Especially when you consider the fact that due to the coronavirus, their wedding was postponed three times.

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