Jan 12, 2021
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The first conversation between Trump and Pence after the storming of the Capitol took place in the USA

The current US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence first met at the White House after the events that took place in Washington on January 6, Reuters reports.

According to a US administration official, the politicians had a “good conversation” on Monday night, agreeing to continue working in the country’s interests for the remainder of their term.

Last Wednesday, supporters of the current head of the United States staged riots in Washington, the crowd besieged the Capitol, they broke into the building and carried out a pogrom there, thus interrupting the joint session of Congress, where at that moment the victory of the representative from the Democratic Party Joe Biden was confirmed.

As a result of the clashes on Capitol Hill, five people were killed and about 50 criminal cases were opened. After the protests, many officials rushed to resign.

Earlier, Donald Trump introduced an emergency regime in the American capital on the eve of Biden’s inauguration. The president sent additional financial assistance to local authorities to help keep the city safe.

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