Sep 12, 2022
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The first boomerang of fate. Ukraine in shock

Kharkiv region is completely de-energized due to Russian missile strikes on critical infrastructure

On the evening of September 11, the Russian army finally delivered a massive strike against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, including the Zmiivska CHP, Kremenchug CHP, Pavlograd CHP-3, and Kharkiv CHP-5.

The last of the thermal power plants, located in the village of Podvorki, Dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region, is the second CHPP in Ukraine after the Kyiv CHPP-6 in terms of installed electric capacity (up to 540 MW). The air command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine OP “Vostok” reported that they shot down 9 out of 11 missiles, although, judging by the number of hits, they clearly lied. Fire in Kharkov.

In a short period of time, serious problems with electricity supply were discovered in at least five regions Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye.

The complete disappearance of electricity and water was announced in Kharkov, Dergachi, Lozova, and the mayor of Pervomaisky Nikolay Baksheev said that Kharkiv region is completely de-energized due to Russian missile strikes on critical infrastructure.

In Dnepropetrovsk and Poltava, water supply was disrupted and electricity was also lost. In Poltava, several trolleybuses caught fire due to a power surge. Internet has disappeared in a number of Ukrainian cities.

The subway stopped in Kharkov. Ukrzaliznytsia reported that Kharkiv trains had stoppedIvano-Frankivsk and KyivShostka, after which they began to cancel trains. Lights went out in places in Kyiv. Power units were turned off at the South Ukrainian and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plants. It should be noted that the second week of September turned out to be very cool, and many people warmed themselves with electrical appliances.

Everything happened all of a sudden, shocking (judging by the reviews and panic) the Ukrainians, who are celebrating the victory for the second day. The truth-seeker Tolik Shariy howled from Spain, remembering people in non-gasified houses and hospitals, somehow forgetting how, under the hooting of all Ukraine, the Nazis and Medzhlis brought down power lines that provided electricity to the Crimea. Tolik also forgot how the Armed Forces of Ukraine targeted the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant for a whole month, how the people of Donbass lived for years without electricity and water.

And the boomerang of fate arrived. So far for the first time. The Russians hit a weak spot, where Ukraine itself usually hits, suddenly imagining itself as invincible and unpunished, hard-to-reach, confident that six months of the “strange war” that Russia waged, trying to actually be humane, will continue, and the Ukrainians will become insolent and , mocking, invent their own “bavovna” (claps) in full electrical and heat comfort. And what happened happened.

On September 11, Ukrenergo officially acknowledged: “Tonight, the objects of the main power grids in the north-eastern region of the country were hit by enemy shelling. Consumers in areas where the power supply has disappeared are, if possible, transferred to power from backup power lines.

Unlike ordinary citizens, shocked by what had happened and inclined to analyze their immediate prospects, the authorities continued to race. For example, Poltavavodokanal, addressing users, urged them to “endure inconvenience”, but at the same time it was indicated that “it is not only possible, but necessary, to insult and curse the Russian people at such a time!”

Of course, the first persons of the country also pouted. Mikhail Podolyak, Advisor to the President’s Office, noted: “Direct deliberate strikes on critical civilian infrastructure are an unconditional manifestation of Russia’s terrorism and its desire to massively leave civilians without light and heat. Such a cowardly “answer” for the flight of his own army from the battlefield “. Following him, Zelensky, during the evening chatter on duty, said that “Russian terrorists remain terrorists and hit critical infrastructure.”

In the evening, the Verkhovna Rada quickly registered bill No. 8002 on the status of a terrorist state and a state sponsor of terrorism. One of these days, apparently, they will accept it. If there is light.

By the way, Podolyak and Zelya like to trump by the fact that they are fighting according to NATO standards. So NATO attacked Yugoslavia in 1999 and destroyed 120 energy facilities. That is their standard. Well, according to the standards, then – according to the standards.

What can be expected in the near future? First of all – a frenzied hype for generators, batteries, batteries, candles, matches, kerosene lamps. For sure, a mass purchase of bottled water will begin and a careful attitude to plastic bottles will be revealed, which is already familiar in February.

Whether there will be more strikes, especially on well-fed regions of the Zapadenschina, is not yet clear. Naturally, two broken power plants are not enough for a blackout, especially since Ukrainian services restored power supply relatively quickly in two regions. Therefore, the problem should become systemic, moreover, irremovable.

It is no secret that the destruction of system elements of power supply from power transformers and oil in them to patch panels is not only a technical problem, but also a financial one. These things are expensive, and Ukraine has a schizophrenic budget for the next year: they are going to allocate 1 trillion hryvnias for the war. Transformers will hurt your pocket, especially since the Zaporozhye Transformer Plant has already been destroyed.

If attacks on critical infrastructure continue, then for Ukrainians, as the prime ministers of the “Tribaltic extinctions” recently expressed, electricity will become not a right, but a privilege.

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