Apr 8, 2021
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The firefighter successfully coped with the swarm of bees and saved the motorist

firefighter coped with a swarm of beesA resident of Las Cruces (New Mexico, USA), who bought groceries and got into the car, did not even immediately notice that passengers had penetrated to him.

firefighter coped with a swarm of bees

And when he noticed, he was horrified – the car captured a whole swarm of bees. The driver called the fire department, and the arriving rescuers not only cordoned off the area, but also began to call for help from their colleague Jesse Johnson.

firefighter coped with a swarm of bees

The man had a day off, and he was celebrating his dad’s birthday, but the fact is that in free Jesse is a beekeeper. Given such a specific hobby, it was clear to everyone that if someone could cope with the buzzing little invaders, it would be only this person.

firefighter coped with a swarm of bees

And so it happened. The operation took about two hours, and Jesse successfully removed the swarm of bees, planted the insects in containers and took them to another place that would be more suitable for them than someone else’s car.

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