Dec 30, 2020
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The financier told when and how to make money on the ruble

Dmitry Ivanov, executive director of the Klopenko Group, said that the placement of ruble funds in bank deposits will become profitable when rates rise. According to him, currently they have decreased to 4.2%, which is lower than inflation, which reached 4.5%.

The expert noted that you can earn money on the domestic currency using deposits and fluctuations in its exchange rate, reports agency PRIME.

If the Central Bank of Russia begins to tighten monetary policy, starts to increase the key rate, this will lead to an increase in average rates on deposits in banks– Ivanov explained.

By placing ruble funds on a deposit, you can earn at an interest level that exceeds the inflation rate. However, this is possible with a stable inflation rate and the exchange rate of the national currency. Now the ruble is losing all the time against the dollar and the euro, which means that it is easier to make money on exchange rate fluctuations.

This should be done correctly. It is better to buy foreign currency at the peak of the fall (with the dollar exchange rate at 73–75 rubles, and the euro at a level below 90 rubles), and then sell it. Get additional ruble profit, the expert noted. Then, he believes, you can repeat the combination with a larger amount.

Earlier reported that the dollar at the first in 2021 trading on the Moscow Exchange will cost 74.7 rubles, the euro – 90.8 rubles. This opinion was voiced by Mark Goikhman, chief analyst at TeleTrade. The first auction will take place on January 4th. And at this point, the general mood of investors remains positive, the expert said. It is dictated by the expectation of the future action of the started vaccination.

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