Dec 30, 2020
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The financier called the condition for making money on the ruble

To make money on a deposit in rubles, the key rate must be higher than the inflation rate. Such a condition was named by Dmitry Ivanov, the executive director of Klopenko Group, in an interview with the Prime agency.

According to him, there are two ways to make money on the ruble – on deposits and exchange rate fluctuations. “If the Central Bank of Russia starts tightening its monetary policy, starts increasing the key rate, this will lead to an increase in average rates on deposits in banks,” Ivanov said.

When the key rate exceeds the inflation rate, you can make money on a deposit simply by placing money on it. As the expert emphasized, this is possible only with a stable inflation rate and no fluctuations in the national currency. At the moment, according to the Central Bank, the inflation rate in Russia is 4.5 percent, and the key rate is 4.2 percent.

Ivanov said that it is much more profitable now to make money on currency fluctuations. For example, buying dollars and euros at their lowest point, and then selling at their peak. However, if such operations are carried out on an ongoing basis, it is better to contact brokers, the financier advised.

Earlier, financier Artem Tuzov explained that many factors affect the rate of the Russian currency, including the weakening of oil prices, the threat of new US sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic.

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