Oct 29, 2021
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The fight for survival surrounded by President Zelensky

Two status power structures of Ukraine entered into open confrontation

On October 22, the Ukrainian media, citing official sources, reported that the SBU had detained an operative of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for persuading him to give a bribe.

It was reported that employees of the RRB lobbied for the interests of developers, “helped” businessmen to conduct commercial activities, disguising their actions as the performance of official duties. And their duties are connected with the suppression of corruption among civil servants. In cases where they were refused to “meet halfway” immediately, the staff of the RRB created favorable conditions for bribery of officials.

On October 22, the Ukrainian media, citing official sources, reported that the SBU had detained an operative of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for persuading him to give a bribe.

The RRB confirmed the detention. It seems that different law enforcement agencies are working together to “cleanse the ranks” of dishonest employees.

However, a few days later, on October 27, the RRB reported on the suspicion of two employees of the central office of the SBU and one employee of the territorial subdivision of the SBU of illegally withholding and extorting money from a foreigner. In October 2020, SBU officers illegally detained and held a citizen of another country for a long time, extorting 200 thousand dollars from him. To make the detainee more compliant, the SBU officers beat and intimidated him. And they also entered the victim’s home, from where they kidnapped, appropriating for themselves, his property.

This was the public response of the RRB to the “repression” against its employees. By the way, the deeds of the dashing SSB officers were revealed back in August, and then they were removed from their posts, placed under house arrest, but the RRB reported this only now.

So, the two status power structures of Ukraine entered into open confrontation.

The RRB is a structure created after the 2014 coup d’état to investigate criminal cases involving law enforcement officers, judges and senior officials. It is assumed that over time, the Bureau will finally take over the function of pre-trial (preliminary) investigation from the prosecutor’s office. Now the RRB is in a vassal relationship with the Prosecutor General’s Office, whose head, Irina Venediktova, headed the RRB for some time before being appointed to this position.

Irina Venediktova

Irina Venediktova

As for the SBU, it is a classic special service that, during the collapse of the USSR, took over the functions of the KGB, including the investigation of criminal cases of “state importance”. Recently, Western partners have been persistently seeking to remove corruption cases from the competence of the SBU, to concentrate their investigation in the RRB and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), another power structure.

The creation of NABU in conjunction with the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) and the Anti-Corruption Court and the deprivation of the relevant functions of the SBU pursue one goal – to put the top of the Ukrainian ruling class on a “short hook” of departments controlled by the West.

As for the clash between the SBI and the SBU, this is not only a struggle for control over criminal schemes and financial flows. The roots of the contradictions lie deeper.

Ivan Bakanov

Ivan Bakanov

Let us recall the well-known: Zelensky-President is Kolomoisky’s project. After the comedian’s victory in the presidential election, many people associated with Kolomoisky took key positions in the new government. Among them is Ivan Bakanov, the head of the SBU under Zelensky. He is a childhood friend of the president, who in his mature years was involved in the finances of Kvartal 95 and in this field established close relations with Kolomoisky. His appointment to the SBU meant control over the key special services of Ukraine by a “reliable person” (reliable for both Zelensky and Kolomoisky).

Meeting with Zelensky and Kolomoisky

At the same time, Zelensky, having become president and following the “natural” order of things, began to seek to distance himself from Kolomoisky, bringing people into power who were not related to the oligarch. Among them was Irina Venediktova, head of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines at Kharkiv National University. In 2018, she became Zelenskiy’s legal advisor and joined his campaign headquarters. Then she was a deputy from the “servants of the people”. In August 2019, she took over as chair of the parliamentary committee on legal policy issues, and in December was appointed acting director of the RRB. She held this post until March 2020, after which she received another promotion, becoming the Attorney General. The RRB, on the other hand, was headed in the status of and. O. Alexey Sukhachev, creature of Venediktova and Zelensky.

Zelenskiy is now facing strong pressure from the West, demanding, in particular, to say “final goodbye” to Kolomoisky. Western masters indicated the comedian president is his place. Zelensky’s signal was the recent publication of the Pandora Dossier, which details the offshore schemes of Zelensky’s firms, features people from his old entourage, including Ivan Bakanov, and most importantly, a conclusion is made about the participation of Zelensky, Bakanov and Co.O in Kolomoisky’s schemes for the withdrawal of capital from Privatbank.

As our website noted, in the event of “disobedience”, Zelensky threatens to be excommunicated from Western support, and the fate of the next presidential election (if it comes to elections and the next Maidan does not crush them) will be decided in advance.

Zelensky's schemes

The fall of Zelensky will knock off the stage all of his nominees. Therefore, those of them who, like Venediktova, did not have time to spoil relations with Western partners, will offer Zelensky to satisfy their wishes, that is, get rid of not only Kolomoisky, but also Bakanov. These same kind of turn does not suit them at all. As a result, two groups with opposite, not political, but personal-group interests emerged in the Kiev elite.

The “exchange of courtesies” between the SBU and the State Security Service is the first rumble of an undercover struggle among the president’s entourage. The struggle will bring many more high-profile events, adding confusion to the already boring Ukrainian political life.

Artist Igor Yaroshenok

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