May 30, 2022
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The fifth column of the West goes to the elections in the Russian Academy of Sciences

In the photo: view of the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in Moscow

In the photo: view of the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in Moscow (Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS)

Anti-Russian speeches of the Russian “bohemia” like Chulpan Khamatova or Andrei Makarevich immediately become well known and subjected to public criticism. The anti-Russian speeches of Russian scientists, for the most part, go unpunished, and this is not normal. As a result, “fine tuning” of the elections to the Russian Academy of Sciences makes it possible to turn the Russian Academy of Sciences into a fifth column that openly works against the interests of the country.

On February 24, the special military operation in Ukraine had not yet unfolded, and the Russian “wise men” had already responded to the President of the country with an “Open letter of Russian scientists and scientific journalists against the war with Ukraine”, published, which is noteworthy, on the Dissernet website registered abroad. Meanwhile, “Dissernet” in a number of respects is appropriate to compare with the American missiles handed over to the Ukrainian Nazis. It is noteworthy that among the signatories there are a lot of members of foreign academies and employees of foreign universities – American, British, Swedish, German and others. However, now it is advertised less than before in such cases. It has become unfashionable to demonstrate “foreign ears” of one’s activity.

Although a few years ago, the support of the leadership of the academy, headed by the president Alexander Sergeev to the Commission on Combating the Falsification of Scientific Research, where the figures of Dissernet play a key role, was presented as a kind of special achievement. But by many, the value of this community was questioned even then.

It has been noted more than once that the activists of the Commission and the so-called non-systemic “scientific opposition” are one and the same people. It is not difficult to trace the connection between the commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the now disbanded headquarters of the extremist Navalny*, Dissernet, ONR, a foreign agent – the Dynasty Foundation, the 1st of July Club, the Troitsky Variant newspaper **. They are united Vasiliev, Zayakin, Gelfand, Rostovtsev, talents, Ivanchik. All these people are members of the RAS Commission, who seem to be part of different elements of a single pro-American network. And this system is operating, apparently, in accordance with a clear plan set from abroad.

Given the dubious scientific cleanliness of Dissernet’s “fighters for the purity of science”, it seems that their only role is anti-Russian activity, for which the Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Khokhlov with the help of Sergeev and warmed this audience in the official bodies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A club for real scientists was made from the pro-American party, with the help of which the West established its power over the RAS.

New elections are coming to the RAS. It is known that the last elections were the most scandalous in the history of the academy, and these, apparently, will be even dirtier. In fact, when the president of the country was informed that the elections to the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2019 were “the cleanest and most transparent”, he was simply deceived. The scandal with squabbles in the RAS has turned the entire Russian scientific environment upside down, and with the sole purpose of subordinating the elections to Academician Khokhlov, who, apparently, is implementing an openly Western scenario in the RAS.

It was no coincidence that Khokhlov introduced to the commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences the figures of “Dissernet”, who not only had nothing to do with the academy, but did not distinguish themselves by scientific success.

Since time immemorial, elections have been held according to a two-stage system: first, the Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences nominated their best candidates, then the general meeting voted and the most worthy of the worthy became academicians.

However, in the last elections, this mechanism was suddenly implemented by the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences on countering the falsification of scientific research, supervised by Academician Khokhlov. Khokhlov dragged the activist of Bolotnaya Square, well-known for his liberal views, academician Vasiliev, to the chairmanship of the commission, who, in turn, attracted figures from Dissernet to the commission.

Executive secretary of the commission Andrey Zayakin, a well-known activist of Dissernet, who was, in fact, the right hand of the notorious Navalny, compiled a list of 56 candidates for the elections to the Russian Academy of Sciences, who were subjected to unfounded attacks, public accusations and defamation. Although the task of the commission was only to report to Sergeyev the results of its work, with the help of “Dissernet” it made a public scandal, exceeding its powers and breaking the election mechanism completely provided for by the charter.

The Departments of the Russian Academy of Sciences who nominated the candidates conducted investigations, all the accusations of Dissernet were sorted out and refuted, but the answer ended up in the hands of Khokhlov, and he not only did not publish it, unlike the loudly voiced accusations, but completely ignored it in order to give Dissernet an opportunity roam. No one was held accountable for the fabricated accusations and abuse of authority. Even the death of one of the candidates for a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of the Scientific and Organizational Department of the Academy, was left without a proper assessment. Nikolai Mikhailovwho did not survive accusations of plagiarism and unbridled persecution by Navalny’s “comrades-in-arms”.

Later, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences demanded that Sergeev and Khokhlov remove Dissernet from the Commission, but they did exactly the opposite.

The Tsargrad publication reported that, in fact, outside of any norms and charters of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Khokhlov became the main determining person in the elections to the Academy of Sciences. Without agreement with him, the Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences can no longer nominate a single applicant, otherwise Vasilyev with “Dissernet” will be lowered to objectionable ones. And in response to the support of candidates from branches, Khokhlov can demand to nominate his people, who are closely connected with the West. Like the head Department of Ethics of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ruben Apresyandeveloping anti-Russian ethical, climate and environmental documents commissioned by Western donors. Things have already reached the point where Apresyan and his colleagues now have to respond to accusations of Nazism, not to mention financial problems with spending budget funds at the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. And at the same time this person goes to the polls. This year, four employees of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the benevolent attitude of Khokhlov, claim the title of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Speaking about the influence of the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Khokhlov on the electoral processes at the academy, it is worth remembering his special ties with Germany – he is a holder of the Order of Merit for the FRG. Many consider him a citizen of this country.

And the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergeev actually removed himself from the leadership of the academy and more than once was reproached for ruining its work, being content with the role of a “wedding general” and shifting all powers to Khokhlov.

As a result, the RAS is turning from a Russian into an American academy of sciences. It is no coincidence that all these letters and appeals of scientists against the special operation in Ukraine and for friendship with the West. By leading through the elections in the RAS people who are personally devoted to him and dear to Western donors, Khokhlov, apparently, is carrying out a systematic transformation of the RAS into an openly anti-Russian institution.

In general, the RAS has been continuously and consistently working to strengthen the pro-Western, pro-American faction for several years now. And it goes on successfully under the guidance of Academician Khokhlov and the patronage of Academician Sergeev. Moreover, the result of this work is not only anti-Russian letters, but also, as many believe, the sabotage of domestic developments necessary for the country in various branches of science and technology, and the promotion of frankly anti-Russian research, for example, in the field of philosophy and history, the purpose of which is to reformat the consciousness of the country’s citizens to please her enemies.

Does Russia need such an Academy of Sciences?

* Non-profit organization Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK); the non-profit organization “Foundation for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights” (FZPG) and the Public Movement “Navalny’s Headquarters” were recognized as extremist by the decision of the Moscow City Court dated 06/09/2021, their activities in Russia are prohibited.

** An autonomous non-profit organization for the publication of the popular science newspaper “TROITSKY VARIANT-NAUKA” was recognized as a foreign agent.

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