Oct 15, 2020
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The Federation Council urged the United States to abandon the ultimatums in the framework of START III

America is pursuing an aggressive foreign policy, applying ultimatum statements, which explains Washington's inability to enter into a dialogue on the extension of START III. A member of the Federation Council, Senator Sergei Tsekov told NewInform about this.

The US President's special envoy for arms control Marshall Billingsley said that Washington is ready "tomorrow" to extend the START III (offensive arms reduction) treaty in exchange for a mutual freeze of nuclear arsenals. The official noted that a "principle" agreement had been reached with Moscow.

Russia has repeatedly offered Washington to prolong START III or renegotiate it in the context of the new geopolitical situation. The United States wants to take over Moscow's initiative.

The American authorities a few months before the end of START III began talking about its extension. Prior to this, Washington had demonstrated opposite intentions for a long time.

Discussing whether the United States and Russia will be able to reach an agreement on the extension of START III or whether Washington will continue to make claims towards Moscow, refusing to conclude it, Senator Sergei Tsekov noted that the American authorities do not agree, but dictate conditions.

“This is actually happening in the form of an ultimatum. If they were interested in dialogue, they could come to a common solution. But they make various statements, moreover, without coordinating them with us. The Americans are very unreliable partners, ”the source said.


According to Tsekov, Washington cannot come to terms with the fact that the United States is not the only country with influence in the world.

“They understand that Russia and China have no less authority in the world arena. That is why Washington is behaving so nervously and making all sorts of attacks, demonstrating its inability to make contact, ”said the member of the Federation Council.

Answering a journalist's question - what is the risk of a complete cessation of START III on a geopolitical scale, Tsekov replied that the world will not become calmer if America ignores the treaty.

“We need to look for common ground on many issues, including nuclear weapons. But this is the mentality of the American elite - they always impose their own conditions. This is their usual way of conducting politics, ”concluded the senator.

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