Nov 17, 2021
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The Federation Council believes that certification of SP-2 will take from two to six months

The certification process for the Nord Stream 2 operator may take from two to six months, said Valery Vasiliev, deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s economic policy committee.

He noted that certification is not a one-time procedure. The decision is made based on the opinions of experts.

Vasiliev also commented on the suspension of the certification process, TASS reports. According to him, this step is not politically motivated. This means that a package of documents is being transferred and their verification with German law.

It became known yesterday that Germany has suspended the certification process for Nord Stream 2 “. The representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Suzanne Ungard, explained that the incident was connected with the regulatory issue of the rights of economic entities. The BNA decision is a “milestone” in the certification process, she said.

Earlier, the Kremlin drew attention to the fact that the process of launching the gas pipeline is rather complicated.

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