Nov 10, 2021
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The Federation Council appreciated the words of sister Rotaru about the “return” of Crimea to Ukraine

Senator from Crimea Sergei Tsekov called the words of Sophia’s sister Rotaru Auriki about the refusal of their family to visit the peninsula until it returns to Ukraine as naive. Reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Tsekov, this decision testifies to “the absolute naivety of the creative and political elite of Ukraine.” He believes that these categories of citizens do not realize that Crimea has rightfully returned to Russia. He stressed that the peninsula will never become part of Ukraine.

“If someone from the Ukrainian elite grabbed land and real estate here and is now nostalgic for the Ukrainian times, then it is better to give up the property voluntarily, because Crimea has become Russian forever,” the senator concluded.

Earlier, Aurika Rotaru said that she and her family are waiting for the “return” of the peninsula to Ukraine. For this reason, they do not visit Crimea, and the hotel, owned by the famous sister, is closed.

We will remind, recently told which of the Ukrainian artists makes money in Russia. Among them was Sofia Rotaru.

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