Sep 19, 2022
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The father was horrified when he saw the marks that his son had drawn on his hand

marks drawn on son's handA resident of London (England) named Matthew was surprised when he noticed some marks drawn with a pen on the hand of his son Harry.

marks drawn on son's hand

After talking with the teenager, the father was horrified. It turned out that each line is a bullying (verbal or physical) that Harry was subjected to at school. In two days, the student inflicted 21 marks on himself, so the “mathematics” turned out to be more than depressing.

marks drawn on son's hand

A photo showing the hand of his son, Matthew posted on social networks, and users did not stint on words of sympathy. Many people noted that Harry did well just because he talked with his father about what happened. Many teenagers do not do this, and this is an important step towards solving the problem. Now the man has to come to the aid of his child, working on the situation both with his son and with the school administration.

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