Jun 23, 2022
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The father replaced the runaway puppy with a new dog and hopes that the daughter will not notice anything

father replaced runaway puppyNot wanting to see his beloved daughter upset, this father took a really desperate step.

father replaced runaway puppy

Some time ago, the man divorced, and his 14-year-old daughter, who stayed with her dad, was very worried that her parents were no longer together. To console the girl a little, the man bought her a cockapoo puppy named Lulu. The daughter became very attached to the pet, and she was upset only by the fact that when she visited her mother, Lulu had to be left at home (the mother has cats that do not favor dogs).

father replaced runaway puppy

And on the next weekend, when the daughter went to visit her mother, her father had a tragedy. He went to walk Lulu, and she, breaking off the leash, ran away. The man admitted that the incident threw him into a panic. He spent 24 hours alerting neighbors, police, local animal rights activists, posting ads and running around. Finally, the desperation became so strong that dad began to call all the cockapoo breeders to urgently buy a new puppy. And the man was lucky – he really was able to get a dog very similar to Lulu. True, the runaway pet is 6 months old, and the new dog is only 4 months old, but our hero hopes that his daughter will not notice anything. The father shared his experiences on social networks just at the moment when he was waiting for a meeting with his daughter. The man was exhausted, imagining how the girl would react to the dog and whether she would understand that it was not Lulu at all in front of her.

father replaced runaway puppy

By the way, social media users are advised to tell their daughter the truth, even if she does not notice the substitution. Too little time has passed, and Lulu may well return – in this case, the lied dad will look pale. As painful as it is for a girl to have her pet run away, a new puppy can be a comfort. And if Lulu is found, then the daughter will have two pets, and this is wonderful.

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