Oct 18, 2020
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The father of the family pleases the household with “fluffy” scrambled eggs

how to make fluffy scrambled eggsA resident of Germany not only regularly treats households with unusual "fluffy" scrambled eggs, he is also ready to discover the secrets of the craft.

how to make fluffy scrambled eggs

All that the father of the family needed was a frying pan, a whisk and, of course, the egg itself. As soon as it is poured into a frying pan, you need to start whipping the protein without touching the yolk. It is reported that the whipping time can be different, but it is known that it will take exactly at least 10 minutes.

how to make fluffy scrambled eggs

Some social media users who watched the educational video thanked the culinary specialist for the visual advice. Others said that such scrambled eggs are, of course, beautiful, but they are not going to spend so much time on tedious beating, and then eat breakfast in a minute. And one lady, who tried the method in her kitchen, said that the protein from one egg is not enough for a fluffy cloudy pillow, and you need to take more, leaving only one yolk, which will decorate the center of the dish.

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