Oct 18, 2021
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The farmer was amazed to see a lamb in the herd with a fifth leg growing out of his head

the fifth leg grows out of the headSam Kuershner was engaged in shearing sheep belonging to him and at some point was amazed to notice a very unusual lamb in the herd.

the fifth leg grows out of the head

The baby, born on a farm in Orroru (Australia), has not four, but as many as five legs, with an extra limb growing from the back of the head. After examining the lamb, Sam concluded that, on the whole, he was healthy, and that an almost fully formed leg (there is even a semblance of a hoof) is attached to the animal’s head through the skin or flesh, but not through the bone joint.

the fifth leg grows out of the head

The farmer jokingly added that the extra leg looked less like a limb than a mallet hairstyle. It seems that the little sheep with the stylish “hair” is lucky – as soon as the lamb is weaned from its mother, it will go to Sam’s house and become a pet. A man anticipates in advance how his children will be surprised and delighted to receive such a special friend as a gift.

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