Oct 6, 2021
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The farewell tour of the President of Estonia began with the “Russian” Narva

Kaljulaid, leaving the presidency, once again reminded that Russian schools have no place in the country

Estonia will receive a new president next week – elected by parliament Oni Karis takes office. His last week in office Kersti Kaljulaid spends on the road: she went on a farewell tour of the Estonian regions, where she will meet with heads of local governments, public activists and entrepreneurs. And she began her farewell trip across the country of Kaljulaid from Ida-Virumaa – the most “Russian” Estonian region, and in the very Russian city of the country – Narva – once again reminded of the need to quickly get rid of Russian-speaking education.

In Narva, the President met with teachers and students of the Narva College of the University of Tartu (NKTU), discussing with them the situation in education and its prospects. Communication took place exclusively in Estonian, although the majority of the population of this city speaks Russian.

Answering the students’ question why she started her tour from Narva, Kaljulaid replied that the choice was random, and Narva is no different from other Estonian cities – it is “an ordinary Estonian city,” the president emphasized.

However, the headmaster of the college Marek Sammul objected that the city may be ordinary, but with its own characteristics. And these features are forcing NKTU to launch a new curriculum for teachers of the Russian language and “where, if not here, to conduct it.” Let us remind you that this program is designed to “retrain” teachers of the Russian language, reorienting them to teaching other subjects, but in Estonian – teachers of the Russian language in Estonia will soon be unnecessary. Whether Russian-speaking teachers, most of whom are of pre-retirement age, will be able to urgently train Estonian-speaking teachers is a rhetorical question.

During the meeting, Kersti Kaljulaid repeatedly returned to the issue of Russian-language education, calling once and for all to put an end to the “segregation” model that operates today, when the country has alongside Estonian and Russian schools. And more than once she reminded that the state is doing this solely out of good intentions – everyone will speak the same language and the problem will disappear by itself.

Kersti Kaljulaid was noted in Narva not only with insistent calls to destroy the Russian-speaking education. She also brought with her tablets with the names of Soldin and Kivilinna streets, which she solemnly presented to the mayor of the city. Antsu Leimetsu

It’s an old story: according to the law, the Soviet street names had to be replaced with the “correct” ones long ago, but in Narva they were in no hurry. So the president brought a “gift” to the mayor as a reminder.

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In the photo: Kersti Kaljulaid hands over to the Mayor of Narva Ants Liimets with signs with the “correct” street names, source – ERR.

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