Sep 11, 2020
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The famous player “What? Where? When?” Mikhail Smirnov

13:34, 09/11/2020

The connoisseur passed away at the age of 64.

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Today it became known about the death of the famous player “What? Where? When?" and a journalist Mikhail Smirnov... The connoisseur died at the age of 64. According to media reports, they will say goodbye to Mikhail, a native of Elektrostal, in Moscow. The date and place of the funeral ceremony will be announced later.

The tragic news was shared on his Facebook page by an expert “What? Where? When?" Maxim Potashev. The publication in Maxim's tape appeared on the evening of September 10. According to Potashev, a stroke was the cause of his friend's death. “He was a very kind and bright person,” recalls a participant in a famous television project.

The official profile of the VKontakte club also expressed its condolences to the family and friends of Mikhail Smirnov. Representatives of “What? Where? When?" Smirnov was named the captain of one of the most impressive teams of the 90s, for which Maxim Potashev, Boris Levin, Leonid Timofeev and other famous players played. In 1944, the members of Mikhail Smirnov's team received a challenge gold chip and the title of the team with the highest IQ in the club.

The game “What? Where? When?"

In recent years, Mikhail has not lost touch with the TV club, came to the games in Neskuchny Sad and shared his experience with young people. Recall that Smirnov graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, and later joined the intellectual club “What? Where? When?". The connoisseur performed at the TV club from 1988 to 2010.

Let's remind that Boris Klyuev passed away last week. The star actor of the series "Voronins" was 76 years old. For the past two years he has been battling cancer. For the first time, Klyuev felt pain during a rehearsal in the theater, but then he did not attach any importance to this. Only two months later, when the actor became much worse, he went to the doctor. Doctors conducted a thorough examination, and then told the artist that he had lung cancer.

In one of the last interviews in January this year, Boris Klyuev talked about his illness. In the release of the show "The Fate of a Man", the actor admitted that the diagnosis came as a surprise to him, since he always led a healthy lifestyle: until the age of 65 he raised the barbell, constantly played football, tennis. “When I once felt that something was stabbing in my lung, I did not pay any attention to it, I continued to rehearse the performance. For two months I walked with bilateral pneumonia. When I felt completely unwell, I went and took an X-ray, they told me that I had a disease, ”said Klyuev.

Boris Klyuev in the show "The Fate of a Man"

The artist argued that he was not going to give up in the fight against cancer. He expressed the hope that the body would still not let him down and would cope with the terrible disease. At the same time, Klyuev noted that he was ready for any development of events. On September 1, the people's artist passed away. He was 76 years old. On September 4, a farewell ceremony for Boris Klyuev took place on the main stage of the Maly Theater in Moscow.

Vyacheslav Gricheshkin recalls Boris Klyuev

Not only his relatives and colleagues came to say goodbye to Boris Klyuev, but also numerous fans. An hour before the commencement of the funeral service near the building of the Maly Theater, people began to gather to lay flowers at the coffin of the people's artist. In addition, his disciples came to see his master on his last journey. As you know, in 1969, Boris Vladimirovich began teaching at the Shchepkin Theater School, specializing in Actor's Mastery.

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