Nov 9, 2021
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The family left the pet store with a puppy, forgetting to pay

a puppy stolen from a pet storeUnfortunately, shoplifting is not uncommon, but many people find this very outrageous.

a puppy stolen from a pet store

Employees at the Puppy Buddy Pet Store (Boca Raton, Florida, USA) at one point missed Rosie, a 12-week-old Chihuahua puppy. CCTV footage showed that a whole family had come to the store, coveted the dog and took it with them, completely forgetting to pay. Now these forgetful relatives are wanted by the police. Also, the authorities turned to local residents for help – what if Rosie gets caught by someone?

a puppy stolen from a pet store

However, the sellers from “Puppy Buddy Pet Store” are upset not even by the loss of profit (a purebred puppy, by the way, costs 7000 dollars), but by the fact that little Rosie fell into hands that can hardly be called good. It remains to be hoped that the dog will be found.

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