Jul 31, 2020
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The fall in the exchange rate of the ruble and the dollar was associated with the election campaign in the USA

The media linked the fall in the ruble and dollar bite against the euro with the US election campaign. This opinion is shared by Georgy Ostapkovich, an expert and director of the HSE Center for Conjecture Studies.

So, on July 31, the dollar rate for the first time since mid-April rose to 74 rubles. The euro is fixed at around 87 rubles, writes URA.RU. The analyst said he saw nothing critical in this.

The dollar is falling and rising - this is a natural trend associated with the US elections on November 3. After this date, you can already follow the economic trend- said Ostapkovich.

Until the end of the year, according to the financier, the Russian ruble may fall by another three values. But for the economy of the Russian Federation it will no longer be scary, since the exchange rate has not yet reached 80 rubles per dollar.

Some devaluation of the ruble will help domestic products enter the international market, the analyst suggested.

Ostapkovich added that this could create some problems for the population, but inflationary surges are not expected. With the fall of the dollar, the euro is strengthening. However, it makes no sense to transfer one currency to another, unless it is a lot of millions.

Earlier reported that the exchange rate of the US dollar at the beginning of the trading session on the Moscow Exchange on July 31, 2020 increased to 73.43 rubles (+ 0.35%), the euro - to 87.35 rubles (+ 0.8%), breaking the mark of 87 rubles. for the first time since April 1, 2020, as of 10:00 Moscow time. By 10:05 Moscow time, the dollar rose to 73.53 rubles. (+ 0.5%), euros - up to 87.48 rubles. (+ 1%).

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