Apr 7, 2021
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The failed comeback of Bayern and the confident victory of Chelsea: how was the second day of the Champions League quarterfinals

Now we have to wait a whole week for the return matches.

The failed comeback of Bayern and the confident victory of Chelsea: how was the second day of the Champions League quarterfinals

Thriller in Munich

The meeting of the day was obviously the match between Bayern and PSG. Flick has never lost in the Champions League since his direction in 2019. However, on the other hand, Pochettino has a very good team with one of the best footballers in the world – Kilian Mbappe. Moreover, the devaluation of the Germans was overshadowed by the injury of the main striker not of the whole Bayern Munich, but of the total world of Robert Lewandowski (aka Levangolsky). Instead, Eric Chupo-Moting entered the field, for which the match with PSG was not only the Champions League quarterfinals, but a game against his former team.

However, the meeting did not start overtly, as if the winners of the Champions League were expecting. Already in the third minute, the ubiquitous Mbappe asked Neuer and entered 0-1 on the scoreboard. The Munich team immediately picked up the pace and undertook to put pressure on the Parisians for a very long time, creating dangerous moments at the gates of Navas for almost every two minutes. However, in the first half of the first half, the ball again unexpectedly found itself in the net of Neuer’s goal. Neymar performed some kind of space pass to Marquinhos and the captain of PSG increased the lead of the guests.

Flick almost immediately reacted to the situation and released the swift Canadian Davis onto the field. In addition, in the first half, the coaches of both teams made one more substitution torn out. Instead of crushed another naga Marquinhos, Herrera entered the field, and Boateng replaced Zyule. “Bayern” continued to press and still achieved their goal in the 37th minute: Shupo-Moting responded to a serve from the flank and, without a chance, struck Navas with a neat header.

A different time continued the same. The hosts pressed on the gates of the Parisians, and the guests desperately tried to defend the score. And for the hollow hours before the coffin of the match, Munich’s perseverance again bore fruit. After the filing of Kimmich, Muller found himself the most sublime in the PSG penalty area and sent the ball into the net without any problems. It seemed that Bayern had only to put the squeeze on Pochettino’s wards. However, Mbappe strongly disagreed with this.

Eight minutes after the naga of the hosts, the Frenchman artistically caught Neuer in the opposite direction and hammered the third naga of the Parisians at the Allianz Arena. Before the match, it was a drop of who stood on the victory of PSG, especially since no one expected to see three goals scored at Neuer’s goal. Now Flick and the brothers will have a hard time at the Parc des Princes. A one-on-one win may not be enough.

Chelsea’s serene victory

The match between Porto and Chelsea did not awaken such a stir, as if a parallel meeting. However, the 1/8 finals showed that the Portuguese in the distance do not portray “whipping boys” and are quite capable of defeating the most formidable competitors. On the other hand, unlike the unstable Juventus Pirlo, the aristocrats under Tuchel’s leadership played only one. But as if: absolutely recently, West Brom have shipped five balls to Londoners.

However, in the Champions League, the British do not seem to know how to concede. For the entire current UCL draw, Chelsea missed a total of twice – one each from Rennes and Krasnodar while still in the group. Therefore, such a result in this game was not a surprise to anyone. Tuchel’s charges crushed two unrequited naga. Initially, Mount famously handled the ball near the hosts’ penalty area and, without a chance for the goalkeeper, fired into the far corner. And already at the end of the match, Jesus Venets missed the ball when he received the ball, thus presenting the naga to Ben Chilwell.

At the same time, it is impossible to say that Chelsea’s superiority was seen with an unarmed eye. Porto also created chances and even interrupted the guests (12 shots against 6). However, the ball never made it to Mendy’s goal. Thus, Chelsea are leaving for London with a very comfortable 2-0 and high chances of breaking through to the long-awaited semifinals. However, do not write off the Portuguese team. Still, there are no weak competitors at such a stage of the Champions League.

In the round, the first matches of the quarterfinals passed quite cheerfully. There was fire, unexpected results, and quite expected victories. Everything was. Now it remains to wait for reciprocal meetings, which will neatly not be less entertaining. Still, rock tickets to the semifinals of the most prestigious European tournament are being decided. And simply so they will not be given to anyone.

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