Sep 13, 2022
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The eyewitness was amazed, noticing a disk-shaped UFO in the sky

disk-shaped ufo in the skyA man driving on a freeway in Los Angeles (California, USA) was amazed at what he saw in the sky.

disk-shaped ufo in the sky

The eyewitness not only admired, but also filmed a strange disc-shaped UFO, which calmly floated across the sky. Now the man can only think about what exactly he captured – is it really an alien ship?

disk-shaped ufo in the sky

Many people became interested in the video and its good quality, which allows you to see the object quite well. True, skeptics remind all viewers that there are several military bases in California. Perhaps the UFO in the form of a disk flew from there, and not from another planet at all.

An eyewitness who did not believe in UFOs changed his mind after the flight of strange objects in the sky

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