Apr 18, 2021
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The expert told when the ruble will have a “second wind”

“The second wind” will come to the ruble only after a period of adaptation to the threats of sanctions, said investment expert Mikhail Zeltser.

The specialist, in an interview with the Prime agency, noted that the fundamentally determined ruble / dollar exchange rate, taking into account the economic situation in the commodity markets, is 70 rubles per dollar. At the same time, the ruble is influenced by both geopolitics and global currency trends.

The political component determines the main direction of movement against the background of a relatively good general economic situation, the expert said. In particular, the prices for Brent crude are now over $ 66 per barrel, gas quotes are hitting long-term records, and a rally in metals is being observed. Business and consumer activity is also recovering in the country.

It is difficult to make forecasts against the background of an uncertain situation both in the economy and the threat of sanctions. If the external background persists, the ruble will strengthen in the fall, Zeltser said.

The head of the IAC Alpari, Alexander Razuvaev, on the eve, in an interview with the Federal News Agency, noted that the Russian ruble had risen sharply in the trading on the Moscow Exchange. This is due to the fact that US President Joe Biden invited his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to hold a face-to-face meeting and negotiations.

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