Oct 21, 2021
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The expert said that the United States is not ready to take risks for the sake of Ukraine

The United States will not provide direct military support to Ukraine, Izvestia writes.

This was stated in an interview with the publication by Professor, Dean of the Department of Public Administration of Harvard Timothy Colton on the sidelines of the Valdai Club conference in Sochi.

The expert noted that Kiev should be more realistic about the level of support from the American side, since Washington is not ready to take any risks for the sake of Ukraine.

“We see this, for example, in the way they reacted to the incidents in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of ​​Azov,” Colton said.

At the same time, he also expressed the opinion that, in general, the priorities of the foreign policy of the United States are shifting from Europe to Asia, in connection with which the importance of Ukraine on the agenda will only decrease.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed the hope that Kiev will hear the US signal about the relevance of the Minsk agreements, voiced during the visit of the American Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to Moscow.

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