Sep 16, 2020
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The expert said that 80% of call center operators will replace robots in 10 years

The head of the platform for the development of communication services and applications Voximplant Aleksey Aylarov said that about 80% of call center operators will replace robots in 10 years.

Like any other technology, voice bots were initially rejected by users, now they are starting to gain trust, and in the near future, talking with a robot will become a daily routine. According to our estimates, in ten years, 80% of calls will be processed automatically: instead of operators, robots will answer the requests of Russians. This is due not only to changes in behavioral habits, but also to the powerful development of technology - both in the field of artificial intelligence and in the fields of voice recognition and synthesis., - led words of an expert in PRIME.

He noted that already in 2019, robots processed about 12-15% of calls. In 2020, the number of calls that robots receive has increased.

This was largely influenced by the coronavirus and the self-isolation regime. First, many companies are faced with hotline peaks that live operators cannot handle. Secondly, not all contact centers were able to quickly organize remote access for their employees, so even the standard number of calls had to be processed without or with less human participation., - quoted Alexey Aylarov in the agency.

He added that the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region actively used automatic systems to call residents of the Moscow Region during quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, an important trend in the IT field is associated with the desire of developers to be closer to the business and respond as quickly as possible to its requests. So, even this summer, a staff of programmers was required to create your own automated contact center, and now any manager without coding skills can do it., - summed up the expert.

As wrote earlier, experts have long noticed the trend of replacing call center operators with robots. Some experts believe that robots will replace operators within five years. At the same time, most operators are aware of the digitalization processes in their area and are ready to be replaced by artificial intelligence. About 63% of operators believe that digital technologies can partially replace people, and only 13% assume that robots can do their entire job.

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