Jan 23, 2021
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The expert of the reality show “Boys” Marie Boucher’s son is missing

18:39, 01/22/2021

Konstantin did not get in touch for five days.

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Etiquette specialist in the popular show “Boys” Marie Boucher reported a family tragedy. The fact is that the son of a TV star Konstantin for several days has not been in touch with loved ones. Marie noted that she is now experiencing her worst nightmare.

“I very rarely bring my personal problems out to the public. I have always considered it bad form to report on my illnesses and troubles in the networks. But today I cannot do without your help. Our son Kostya @yeezy__cashxl disappeared with @aleksandr_venski! On Monday he flew to Moscow and never got in touch again !!! I am attaching his photo! Please, maximum REPOST. Each of your messages, each uploaded photo and story can save our family! Because what we are experiencing now is the worst nightmare! I’m sure I can count on your support! Love you! Please help us “, – wrote Maria in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Expert of the reality show “Boys” Marie Boucher said that her son was missing

We add that Marie Boucher has five children. Until recently, the TV presenter rested with her family by the sea, but due to the loss of her son, she urgently flew to Moscow. Also, Bush had to cancel all working meetings and consultations scheduled for the coming days. “The truth is that happiness loves silence. I want to believe that such a nightmare will never happen again, ”she shared her emotions before departure.

Marie Boucher with her daughters

Let us remind you that on Friday! The fifth season of the reality show “Boys”, which started on September 24, 2020, has ended. 15 brave girls from different cities of Russia got a chance for radical transformation and a new life, where there is no place for aggression, bad habits and self-destruction. As the teachers of the School of Ladies admitted on the eve of the premiere of the fifth season, the participants, on whose transformation they worked this time, were the most difficult students in the entire history of the project. Among the heroines were boys who became victims of violence and bullying, orphans left without parents, hooligans who have been behind bars, girls of openly frivolous behavior and those from whom their parents simply chose to turn away, not coping with their upbringing. And almost all of the participants had serious alcohol problems.

Participants of the 5th season of the show “Boys”

Before the start of the filming of the fifth season of the show, all participants had to undergo a mandatory medical examination. The heroines were with a surgeon, traumatologist, psychologist, hepatologist and gynecologist. Of course, many rebels didn’t like it. But no one had a choice: a medical examination is a prerequisite for being on the show. However, the participants were not just waiting for health diagnostics, experts found out the biological age of each. The results shocked even doctors. So, the 18-year-old boxer Bella Kuznetsova was found to have several micro-strokes – cerebral hemorrhages, her biological age was 32 years. Anastasia Petrova’s heart rhythm disorder was found, due to numerous injuries her biological age is 38 years. The age of the body of 20-year-old Tina Frank was 39 years old due to gynecological problems.

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