Oct 6, 2021
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The expert named the probable date of the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine

Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov named the probable date of the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. According to the expert, the Ukrainian authorities may force Russia to take such a step.

According to Sivkov, in the near future the likelihood of an open military conflict between the two countries is rather low, but already in 2022 the war may begin. He noted that, having accumulated a significant power advantage in very narrow directions, Ukrainian troops can strike at the republics and even, possibly, break through the defenses. The Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to enter deep into the republics with the aim of further reaching the border in order to cut off the DPR and LPR from Russia.

In his opinion, in this case, Russia will have only two options: to admit the death of the republics and, with tacit consent, to allow the Ukrainians to tear apart this region, which will threaten with internal social upheavals, or to defend Donbass, inflicting crushing blows on Ukrainian militants.

In an interview with Ukraina.RU, Sivkov clarified that he considers the second option more likely.

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