Sep 15, 2020
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The expert explained why not everyone can transfer money by phone number

The service of transferring money from card to card by the recipient's phone number was unavailable for some users. The problem can be solved by changing the settings of banking applications, said Viktor Dostov, Chairman of the Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants.

To make instant payments by phone number or pay for services via a QR code, you need to connect to the Fast Payment System, transfers RIA News.

To send a transfer via SBP, this service must be activated by both the sender and the recipient. If the recipient is not registered in the SBP, then the sender simply will not be able to make the transfer, - the expert explained.

As a rule, you can consent to the connection of the UPS in the banking application itself. Some banks themselves offer the client to connect to the system, and some do not notify about such a possibility. In this case, you need to open the “settings” item of the bank's mobile application, find the SBP section there and tick the boxes on the client's consent to transfer and receive funds through the SBP.

Transfers via the SBP are quite straightforward, some mistakes are unlikely. To avoid erroneous transfers, the system will show the recipient's first name and first letter of the last name before confirmation. It is extremely important to check this data - transfers to the SBP are instant, it is impossible to recall them, you will have to negotiate with the recipientDostov warned.

When translating, you should pay attention to the note about the commission. Transfers up to one hundred thousand rubles per month are free, but banks are not obliged to notify about reaching this limit. Nevertheless, according to the law, the client can find out the amount of the commission before he made the transfer.

As wrote earlier, the Central Bank has identified another way to steal funds from the accounts of bank customers. The fraudsters found a vulnerability in the Fast Payment System, thanks to which they were able to obtain data on the accounts of Russians and access to their savings.

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