May 16, 2020
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The expert estimated the fall in the US the most expensive fighter in the world

US military aircraft lost another 5th generation heavy aircraft F - 15 Raptor. He went down in the history of aviation as the most expensive fighter in the world. According to some estimates, each such aircraft, taking into account the development cost, price, and ultrahigh operating costs, costs the Pentagon more than $ 400 million. They are discontinued. The US Air Force order 140 such aircraft. About ten are lost in disasters.

photo: U.S. Air Force.

Another "emergency" occurred at the American air base "Eglin" in Florida. The plane crashed near the airfield at 9: in the morning local time. The pilot managed to eject.

The first flight F - 15 made in 1997 year. For comparison, the 5th generation Russian fighter took off in January 2010 of the year.

At the beginning, the US Air Force wanted to purchase order 750 F - 22. But “on the way”, the price of the aircraft grew so much that it was not even pulled by the sizeless budget of the Pentagon. The procurement program was first reduced to 188 aircraft, and then completely stopped producing, preferring the more advanced lightweight F - 35.

True, this plane was not sugar and drank a lot of blood from the American military. US President Trump had to intervene and demand a reduction in the price F - 35 to $ 90 - 100 million

As for F - 22, then it price is the undisputed leader and costs more than gold. At least 1 gram of an empty plane at the beginning of the last century really cost a gram of gold.

An hour of flight of such a fighter costs $ 50 thousand

MK asked military expert Alexei Leonkov to comment on another disaster F - 22:

- I saw shots with the bailout of the pilot. The plane landed and the engines suddenly ignited, after which the pilot left the plane. Most likely, a bird was sucked into the engine's air intake. The second possible version is a technical malfunction of the propulsion system. The first version is more likely.

This aircraft is very difficult to maintain, very moody and very expensive. The American treasury costs their fleet billions. Therefore, they did not begin to produce more. Too expensive toy turned out.

This is almost the first 5th generation American aircraft. In comparison with the Russian analogue of Su - 57, it is much inferior. It does not have modern electronic equipment that increases the survivability of an aircraft in aerial combat.

Many innovations were used on the aircraft at one time. But in modern aerial combat, they do not give advantages. Complexity of equipment can and does lead to numerous technical malfunctions. During the operation, a dozen such aircraft were lost. Troubleshooting costs a lot of money.

This aircraft is seen by our air defense radars, for example, the latest versions of C - 300, not to mention C - 400, as well as airborne radar stations of Russian fighters of the “4 ++” generation (Su - 22 SM and Su - 35 C) and "5" (Su - 57). So F - 22 is good in wars against those countries that do not have modern aviation and advanced air defense. And the loss of the plane in the US Air Force, I think, will be regarded in two ways. On the one hand, there is a hole in the budget, and on the other, an opportunity to save on extra-expensive operation. It’s good that the pilot managed to escape.

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