Oct 14, 2020
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The expert assessed the chances of the Russian national team to win before the game with Hungary

Football expert Boris Rappoport said that the result of the upcoming match between the Russian national team and the Hungarian team causes him certain concerns, the TV channel "360" reports.

He believes that a tough match awaits the Russian footballers, since the Hungarian national team now “looks good” and is a “strong-willed team”.

In his opinion, some of the Russian national team players, on the other hand, are “exhausted” due to the busy schedule of games. He added that the absence of some players due to injuries or coronavirus could also prevent the team from winning this decisive match, which should not be lost.

Rappoport suggested that the head coach of the national team Stanislav Cherchesov today will form the "optimal" composition of the team "according to the people he has" and it is unlikely that he will "engage in some kind of experiments."

He stressed that Russian footballers should get together and play "on the moral strong-willed."

Recall that the Russian national team will meet with the Hungarian national team on October 14 in Moscow in the UEFA Nations League match. The game starts at 21:45.

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