Apr 18, 2021
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The expediency of anti-Russian sanctions in the SolarWinds case was criticized in the United States

The Americans have expressed doubts about the rationality of the sanctions that US President Joe Biden is imposing against Russia. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

American experts considered the hacking of SolarWinds’ software to be cyber espionage, not a hacker attack. Johns Hopkins University professor Thomas Reid believes that the Western intelligence company is conducting espionage operations similar to the situation with SolarWinds.

“The hard question comes down to what [инцидент] with SolarWinds differs from high-tech intelligence operations [международного разведывательного альянса] “Five eyes” – said the American scientist Reed.

Some of the president’s advisers have expressed that they consider it appropriate to criticize the United States on the international stage because of the anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the situation around SolarWinds. That is why they urge the leader of the country not to apply restrictions. Experts recalled that the previous government did not use sanctions for political espionage, since it itself actively carried out it.

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