Oct 29, 2021
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The exchange price for winter diesel fuel in Russia has updated a record

The cost of winter diesel fuel at the end of trading on Friday exceeded 59 thousand rubles per ton. This is evidenced by the data of the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (SPIMEX).

The price for winter diesel rose by 0.4% per day, to 59.05 thousand rubles per ton, thus updating the record set on October 28. Since the beginning of October, this type of fuel has risen in price by 8.6%.

Meanwhile, the cost of off-season diesel fuel decreased by 0.1%, to 53.61 thousand rubles per ton. Summer diesel has fallen in price by 0.1%, to 52.18 thousand rubles per ton.

Gasoline Ai-92 has fallen in price and is traded at 53.13 thousand rubles per ton (minus 0.8%), gasoline Ai-95 lost 1.1% in price, it costs 54.31 thousand rubles per ton.

Earlier it became known about Gazprom’s plans to create a record fuel supply in Russian underground gas storage facilities (UGS).

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