Mar 30, 2021
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The ex-wife of Sergei Bezrukov explained why they did not have children

14:08, 03/30/2021

Irina Bezrukova shared her revelations in The Fate of a Man.

Irina Bezrukova became the heroine of the show “The Fate of a Man”. In the first part of the program, the 55-year-old actress spoke about her marriage to her first chosen one, Igor Livanov, from whom the theater and film star gave birth to her only son, Andrei. The actress even remembered that at the initial stage of her career, she was offered to have an abortion for the main role, but she refused, believing that any other could play in the film, but not everyone can become a mother.

In a marriage with her second husband, Sergei Bezrukov, the actress was not lucky enough to experience the joys of motherhood again, although the couple did everything possible to become parents. However, fate, according to Irina, had its own plans. “Sergei and I dreamed of children from the first day of our relationship. Maybe it’s fate. We never thought about doing something so that we would not have children – on the contrary. Two absolutely healthy people. But it didn’t work out, and the doctors shrugged their shoulders, ”Bezrukova admitted.

Irina Bezrukova in “The Fate of a Man”

Irina added that her son Andrei never felt that he was living with his stepfather. “Andryusha has not lost anything, he has a dad left with whom he saw at any moment when he wanted. He acquired a second mother, the caring current spouse of the Pope. Sergei also treated him well. The child quickly got his bearings and enjoyed all the benefits, ”the heroine of his program told Boris Korchevnikov. She noted that her former chosen one gave Andrey an example of hard work, because he spent almost all the time at work, on tour and was busy with projects. Another positive example was the fact that the young man never saw his mother or Sergei drinking, let alone stimulating substances. In addition, Bezrukov always respected someone else’s opinion and did not press if it did not coincide with Irina’s opinion.

“We never quarreled, we respected the choice of another person. I decided to do something, go somewhere, for example, I could not go to Vietnam with Andryusha, since we were invited to Belgrade for a festival with Emir Kusturica. And then Andryusha takes a vacation at the theater and invites me to go to Vietnam. And he was rarely given leave. And I had a choice. And I chose. And I think correctly, since this week with Andrey was the last. And Sergey accepted it, he bought us business class tickets. “Fly with comfort,” he said, ”Bezrukova shared her recollection.

Irina Bezrukova with her son. Photo of 2008

With tears in her eyes, Irina Bezrukova noted that this was the last trip with her son. Two weeks later, he died, hitting his head on the doorframe in the fall. For a long time, the actress blamed herself for the fact that, after returning from a trip, she immediately flew on tour instead of being with Andrei, who complained of malaise. “When I flew from Irkutsk (the actress was on tour there – Noteed.), I did not know that there can be so many tears in a person. The tears just flowed. They poured like a waterfall. Then I opened the door of the apartment, went in, it’s empty, ”the artist shared.

We add that in the year when her son was gone, Bezrukova experienced another loss – parting with Sergei. The actor met and fell in love with another, Anna Mathison, who not only became his second wife, but also made him happy with two children. In July 2016, the couple had a daughter Maria, and in November 2018, a son was born Stepan… Twice, dad does not like the heirs, often posting photos and videos with them in his microblog on Instagram.

Sergey Bezrukov with children

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